So you've never been to Sensazão Studio...

You're in the right place.

First thing is to know that we like to keep our schedule and registration as flexible and simple as possible.  
We do not have enrollment fees or setup fees.  

When you are ready to give any of our Sensazão classes a try you can show up at the studio to register or register online.  Once you've registered online make sure you let front desk know so they can look you up and give you a brand new Sensazao key card.
You will use the number on that key card to activate your account (if you didn't register online) and sign in for class.

Please note that select classes are open for online sign up, that's why some classes have the button to sign up and other don't.  The lack of a sign up button does not mean the class is full.

After you've registered, received your key card, bought as many class passes as you wished, you are all set to join our Sensazão classes!

You found us on Groupon or Living Social?

That's awesome!

Very important disclaimer: Sensazão Groupon deals are only available for new customers that have never made a purchase at our studio before.  Even if you attended our classes years ago and are just returning to our classes, our system will not be able honor the introductory offer.
I would highly suggest you immediately return the Groupon and check if you have enough Sensazão Rewards for a discount on a new class pass.

But if you are new customer and able to use the Sensazão Groupon deal, please make sure you bring an ID along with your voucher.  You can register online to save time at the studio, but please do not make a purchase or we won't be able to redeem the offer.  
From then on you will use your ID to sign into class, unless you decide to purchase a regular class pass.  In that case, you will receive your keycard and use that to sign in.

What else should you know?

Our studio has restrooms and dressing rooms.  No water fountain, unfortunately.  But we do sell water, G2, coconut water, and protein shakes.  We also offer little towels for you to buy.
You are always welcome to bring your choice of hydration, towel, equipment, etc.  
In case you forget to bring your workout gear, we do sell Sensazão Apparel at the studio so make sure you take a look.

We are a family owned and operated business so we will always work hard to bring you the best Sensazão experience.  If you ever have any concerns or feedback, the best way to let us know is by the contact us form.  Because our studio is open only for classes, it can get very busy and we do not want your feedback or concern to be wasted.  We care about our students and the best way to offer a great service is to listen to your input.  An email will make sure your input reaches us and receives immediate attention.