What is Sensazão?

Sensazão is a quality driven, challenging yet effective dance fitness program. Using powerful choreography to exciting music, we make sure your workout with us is safe, intense and gratifying. A typical class lasts 60 minutes and burns 200 to 1000 calories.

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Our Mission

Our sole purpose in why we do, what we do, is to make YOU feel alive! It is our mission to connect people to something very important in their lives through a tough, innovative, and highly beneficial workout.


Our Values

Sensazão is genuinely in this for the people. We are dedicated to offering a tough yet highly beneficial workout.  We strive to come up with original and innovative choreography that challenges your dance ad fitness skills. We place high value in keeping the integrity of the music by matching it with authentic dance steps. It is our passion that drives us to become better and our enthusiasm that drives all of YOU to keep dancing!

Our Crew

Behind the amazing culture of Sensazão Dance Fitness is the crew, who share in the goal of offering an experience that really makes You feel alive! We’re tough, edgy, energetic and enthusiastic about the future of the company. We work together to ensure that everything we do is in YOUR best interest!

Our Studio

SENSAZÃO Dance Fitness

Dance fitness is our most popular class because we provide strong and authentic moves to trendy music. Anyone up for a challenge and ready to be happily exhausted can and will succeed! Regardless of your age, size, dance and/or fitness background we have designed this class based on the following: safety, quality and edge. *Workout attire and tennis shoes are required.


Abs & Glutes

This class is designed to focus solely on your ab and glute muscles. Many students have asked for more of a focus in these areas so we are excited to offer this specific class. We want to see you become stronger and feel the results of this class. *Workout attire and tennis shoes are required.

Samba Workshops

Samba, in its many variations, is one of the more challenging genres of dance styles that we teach. It is a basic Brazilian step that requires a perfectly relaxed form. Jazmin’s in-depth experience of Brazilian music, rhythms, and styles makes it a unique and authentic workshop. She will take you through the basic steps, building on the styles and grace. It will challenge your musicality and strength while you learn how to loosen your hips to the lively rhythms. *Bring your heels and skirts or scarfs to feel the difference. Please wear comfortable attire that you can move in. Tennis shoes are acceptable if you do not wish to wear heels.



Walk-in/Trial - $7 
5 Classes (Key Card Required) - $30
20 Classes (Key Card Required) - $100

Workshops - $15

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Policies and Rules

Please make sure to read our latest policies on cancellations/delays/closing, children under 15, photography/video, conduct and much more. Policies and Rules [PDF]

Key Cards and Membership

Getting a key card is very easy:

Fill out the SDFS application – Sensazão SDFS Keycard Form  [PDF]

If you have a key card, you can create an account online to keep track of all your classes. You MUST setup account to buy passes online.

Si usted tiene una tarjeta de llavero con Sensazão puede ir a este link y crear una cuenta para mantenerse informada(o) acerca de sus clases, crear esta cuenta es necesario para comprar pases por internet.

Class Schedule 

SUBS & other changes are below the schedule.

Schedule 12/20/14

Please download our Studio and VIDA Fitness Schedules from the links below:

Download our studio schedule here.
Download our VIDA Fitness schedule here.


Samba & 12pm Saturday class cancelled until further notice. 

Dec 24th - 9:30am with Jazmin & 11am with Diego.  All other classes cancelled and studio will close at 1pm. 

Dec 25th - CLOSED Merry Christmas! 

Dec 26th - 9:30am with Jazmin in addition to our normal class schedule. 

Dec 31st - 9:30am with Diego & 11am with Jazmin. All other classes cancelled and studio will close at 1pm. 

Jan 1st - 9am Masterclass with Jazmin in addition to our normal class schedule.

Free Live Streaming and workshop details added to our calendar, make sure to check our News & Events section! 


Our Team

Photos & Videos

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News & Events


Our New Alexandria Location: 

Our new studio is right next to the Van Dorn Metro

5424 Eisenhower Ave. Alexandria, VA 22304

For more information, check out our studio brochure:


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You can now buy passes online & register for Samba, SensaToning, abs & glutes online!
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5424 Eisenhower Ave.
Alexandria, VA 22304

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Business Hours

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THU: 10am–1pm & 4pm-9pm
FRI: 10am–1pm & 5pm-8pm
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